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The Blender Bit with Blend-About Carry Bag!

The Blender Bit with Blend-About Carry Bag!

The Blender Bit comes with the Blend-About carry bag! Conveniently store your Blender Bit ensemble with this custom carry case. This 14 inch wide mouth 600 denier carry bag holds the grinder, blender jug, and charger or extra battery. Six exterior side pockets hold even more gear! Sturdy carry straps make toting a breeze. Get yours today! (Grinder and Oster style Blender Jug Sold Separately!)

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Zachary Clarke
Margs at the Beach

The Blender Bit and bag is a fantastic way to DIY a blender for camping, a lake day, or the beach! It works great and having the bag for storing all of the components is perfect. There was an issue with my order and the Blender Bit team took great care of me!

Turn your cordless angle grinder into a portable blender! 

Who doesn’t love a cold, refreshing beverage on a hot, summer beach day or at a sweaty parking lot tailgate? We are here for the people who love a little luxury in their everyday lives; who would rather have a frozen margarita or daiquiri while lounging on the beach.

Finding a power converter that’s strong enough to mix up a batch of margaritas using your home blender is next to impossible, not to mention expensive if you’re a casual user who doesn’t need to blend on the go on a weekly basis. But what if there was a way of making frozen margaritas, piña coladas, or daiquiris using a power tool you already have in your garage? It’s not only possible, but it could cost you less than $30 to do!

The BlenderBit allows you to take the luxury of a frozen drink anywhere!

No longer do you have to be restricted by extension cords and generators. All it takes is your everyday angle grinder, one BlenderBit, and a blender jug to whip up a batch of your favorite blended drink faster than you can say, “Make this one a double, Bartender!”

All you will need to convert your power tool into a completely portable blender system is a cordless angle grinder & a compatible blender jug. Once you have both of those, get ready to whip up a batch of frozen margaritas in less than 90 seconds!

Be the hit of your next tailgate, boat trip, concert, day at the pool, or ANY PARTY with the power of the BlenderBit! We promise this is the Go Anywhere, Party Starter! We bet your jealous neighbor doesn’t have one of these. Whip this baby out, fire her up, and we guarantee there won’t be an unsmiling face in the crowd! (PLEASE NOTE ANGLE GRINDER AND BLENDER JUG SOLD SEPARATELY!)

Tips & Tricks

The Perfect Ratio

Always use more ice than liquid when mixing a drink. For best results, add your liquid to about 2/3rds of the ice. This will ensure your blender blades have something to grab onto & blend. 

Be Prepared

Before heading out to the beach or the tailgate, make sure your angle grinder battery has a full charge. The BlenderBit is an ingenious invention, but it can’t overcome a dead or weak battery.

Timing is Everything

Remember, the longer the blend, the smoother the drink!

What You Get

Your very own BlenderBit! Side grinder & Blender Jug are not included and must be purchased separately.