Frequently Asked Questions

Safety First!

Remember that kid who always reminded the teacher that homework was due? Let us channel them for just a sec while we lay down the law of the land.

1. Use both hands - one on the angle grinder and one on the top of the blender jug.

2. Make sure all jug parts are tightened securely before pulling the trigger.

3. Enjoy responsibly and use common sense!

4. Always remember that sharing is caring! Pour a glass for everyone and enjoy being the life of the party!

Does the BlenderBit work with any cordless angle grinder?

Yes - always keep in mind that the higher the RPM, the faster the blend! Importantly, some angle grinders have a switch on the "top". If the head cannot be rotated 180 degrees (many can) then this would be less desirable. The switch is easier to operate when on the same side as the blender jug. See our "How-to Guide" for details.

Does the BlenderBit work with any blender jug?

No, unfortunately, there is not a universal adapter for every blender jug out there, but the BlenderBit is designed to work with all Blender Jugs that utilize a 1/4" square drive shaft.

How well does the BlenderBit blend ice?

The longer you blend, the smoother the drink! Most grinders reach a desirable consistancy in 30-60 seconds. You're the boss! Blend until the ice has reached your ideal texture and enjoy your perfect frozen cocktail!

My blender system doesn’t seem to be working, what might be wrong?

1. Check the bit. Make sure it's fully inserted into the bottom of the jug. Also ensure that you have securely installed the Blenderbit to the grinder. Many grinders have a shaft lock for installing discs and bits. Make sure the lock is not engaged.

2. Use more ice than liquid. As with your home blender, to do a good job blending, you must give the blades something to grab on to. We recommend filling the liquid to about 2/3rds of the ice you add to the jug for optimal blending results.

3. Give it a minute! A grinder with more ice than liquid will be nice and slushy in about 30-60 seconds.

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