BlenderBit Side Grinder / Blender Jug Adapter How-To Guide The Basics Always use a plastic jug. Never use a glass jug. Install blender bit & tighten securely Add drink ingredients to the blender jug While blending, firmly grip the angle grinder with one hand & securely hold the top of the jug with the other. Blend your drink to the desired consistency. Pour yourself a refreshing frozen beverage & enjoy!Tips & Tricks Flip the switch!	 Many grinders have the switch on the top of the unit out of the box. This puts the switch on the opposite side of the blender jug, making it difficult to operate. Many grinders can have the head rotated 180 degrees, thereby positioning the switch and the jug on the same side. This makes the switch much easier to operate. Watch how we did this on this particular grinder. This is the grinder out of the box with the switch on top. We removed these four screws. We flipped the head 180 degrees and reinstalled the screws. Now the switch and jug are on the same side!Add a Foot! Some grinders have a hole on top for a handle. This can allow the addition of a common furniture leveling foot to provide protection to delicate surfaces when blending. This grinder has a hole on the top for a handle. Here we added an M8 x 40mm furniture foot (thread size may vary). Features and Benefits Versatile Works with any battery-operated side grinder Portable Frozen drinks anywhere, anytime!